principle of logistics management essay

PLM 1.0 Introduction (about 200 words) – Discuss the logistics background and purpose – Key Information like who is the competitors, What is the product they produce, The structure of the logistics department, They outsource or in house logistics. 2.0 The Interfaces – Please explain how production, Marketing, Accounting and Finance will Interfaces/affect logistics. 3.0 Order Cycle *Please do not discuss on Purchase Order (P.O.) -Describe the effectiveness and efficiency of current order processing system of the selected organization. -Description the 4 steps Order Cycle -Provide diagram if possible -Analysis are they efficient, effective and or on time. Any errors and or stockout. How is the productiveness and the visibility (Tracking of orders)? Explain the above why is it good or bad then suggest how they can improve. – Recommendations like EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) or other recommendation you can find 4.0 Inventory Management – Analysis of performance 1) Calculate their Inventory Turnover & compare with 2015 vs 2016 report or competitor 2) Fill Rate/Stockout/Obsolete or News (Incident/Scandal) 3) Challenger in their inventory management 5) Recommendation e.g; – Material Requirements Planning (MRP) – Just In Time (JIT) JIT > Lean – Fixed order point (FOP) or Fixed order interval (FOI) – Order Leadtime – Transportation Time – ABC analysis 5.0 Conclusion – Summarize 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 key points and do closing statement