Professional Custom Accounting Papers: Barriers and coping tactics

  1. Professional Custom Accounting Papers: Barriers and coping tactics
  2. Barriers and coping tactics: A sustainability problem-solving initiative often faces several barriers, such as institutional inertia, unfavorable rules, protest, and counter-initiatives. Identification of barriers and how to overcome them is an important, yet often neglected component of sustainability solution strategies. Be sure to define the barriers AND how they will be overcome.
  3. Search for and provide evidence that it works: A key factor for building sound sustainability solution strategies is providing evidence of what works and what does not, in other words, what actions are most likely to reach the envisioned intermediate and ultimate targets and goals. You should provide real-world examples of similar strategies working elsewhere.
  4. Transition Management Curve: Include a one-page Transition Management Curve of the sustainability solution strategy that includes all of the above-mentioned components.

Formal Aspects

The essay must be written from a professional perspective for a general audience. You are expected to use credible sources to substantiate your ideas (Note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for thispurpose), and to fully reference those sources both in the text and reference section of the paper. Each essay should be typed, spell-checked, and no more than six pages long (five pages text plus conceptual model) – single-spaced, size 12 font. Please refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Manual) as your style guide.

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