Professional Custom Accounting Papers: M1 Assignment 3 assessment and substance abuse evaluation

Professional Custom Accounting Papers: M1 Assignment 3 assessment and substance abuse evaluation

Your report should be approximately of 12–15 pages.

M1 Assignment 3  My Paper

This incident happened outside Mr. P’s apartment where he was parked in his car. In this case, we find a young man who is already addicted to alcohol in his early ages. It is evident that this young man was drunk while he was driving his car back to his house.Elaborate and discuss these statements in a detailed form.

The type of forensic assessment, in this case, is substance abuse evaluation. This is evident because the young man has been using alcohol for sometimes. According to the case, this is not the first time this person is being charged with driving under influence. His blood alcohol level was also above the legal limits meaning he had consumed much of it(Moos,2017). He also indicates that his father was an alcoholic and there is a long story of drug abuse and alcohol in his family. The young man started drinking alcohol at the age of fourteen and thought this will help him in dealing with his mother’s illness stress and also in taking care of her. He was again depressed in college and this increased his use of alcohol. This is enough evidence of substance abuse evaluation. He needs to be helped out of this as in most cases we can observe that he uses alcohol to reduce stress. This evaluation helped in identifying his weakness and realizing the reasons as to why he uses the substance.Elaborate and discuss these statements in a detailed form.

The referrals will help in the evaluation of more comprehensive needs. For instance, in this case, we find out that the young man has got some other problems which contribute to his alcohol abuse. The referral helps in identifying the problem at hand, the social circumstances and any concern over the risk to the victimElaborate and discuss these statements in a detailed form.

In this case, assessment helped in evaluating whether or not this young man is experiencing some problems out of alcohol consumption. It helped in realizing the reasons as to why Mr. P uses alcohol of which at many times the reason was to reduce stress. By conducting an assessment, the matter is discussed deeply. In this case, those involved may come up with a plan to help the client in the problem-solving mechanism. The report produced about his case will help in identifying the type of advice and care he needs.Elaborate and discuss these statements in a detailed form.

The client is open as he discloses to his lawyer some of his life stories and how he ended up being a drunkard. In this case, there is the impression of openness. The man is an intellect, from the case he became a software engineer at an early age and he might become a shareholder in two years’ time. After listening to the case one becomes emotional and sympathetic. He had been disturbed by his mother’s illness to a point of becoming a drunkard meaning the affection was so strong (Melton et al,2017).

A psychologist uses assessments and tests to help in making a diagnosis of a patient’s mental health condition. The tests they perform help’s them in understanding the person’s behavior that may be causing problems, the relations between a person’s feelings and thoughts. They also help people in getting out of life experiences which are traumatic. From the case the young man it is evident that he turns to alcohol while stressed up(Maruish,2017).


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