Professional Custom Accounting Papers: Ulrich’s Employee Champion perspective

Professional Custom Accounting Papers: Ulrich’s Employee Champion perspective

Analytical Paper Human Resource Management

Guidelines for Long Analytical Paper

Course Number: Course Name: Human Resource Management


Summer 2018-Online

Assignment: Outline and Summary and the Long Analytical Paper

By July 15th you must provide me with a brief introduction as to how you plan to approach the long paper, and a simple outline. Once I see this I may be able to provide you with additional materials that are more directed to your individual topic.

This is a six (6) page analytical paper that requires you to do additional research on your “employer of choice – Capital one’’ and analyze the company’s HR practices based on at least two of the remaining Ulrich frames, Administrative Expert, Change Agent or Strategic. If you find it impossible to locate information that is specific to your individual company, look at the industry (Marriott – hospitality industry). In this paper you will demonstrate the ability to apply theory and content presented in class and readings from the text, Human Resource Champion. Due no later than July 29th.

This paper will be like the Short Analytical paper where you looked at the organization from Ulrich’s Employee Champion perspective. Below you will find some resources that may be helpful.

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