Professional Custom Accounting Papers: Understanding Experimental Design LAB – Assignment

Professional Custom Accounting Papers: Understanding Experimental Design LAB – Assignment


Understanding Experimental Design LAB – Assignment


Scientists conduct experiments in order to understand how the natural world works. Virtually all of the science you learn in this and your other science classes was discovered and verified by repeated experiments. Designing and running a good experiment is challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. What makes experiments worthwhile, indeed critical, is that they are the most powerful tool we have for establishing cause-and-effect relationships. Educated citizens need to understand how scientific investigations are done and how results and conclusions are reported in order to make informed decisions. This lab will introduce you to the principles of good experimental design. Because these principles are best learned by carrying out an actual experiment, your challenge will be to design, conduct, and interpret your own experiment.

BE ORIGINAL! Remember to use your own words and do not copy verbatim from any online, previous or current student source. By submitting this assignment, you are agreeing to the following statement: “I understand that my paper will be checked against multiple sources for original content. A report will be generated that shows if content in this paper matches content in documents available on the Internet, in many print journals, and a database of other papers submitted by students. If submitted to the instructor, my paper will be added to the student database for comparison of future OSU papers against it. I maintain ownership of the original intellectual property created in this paper. I understand that results of this report may be used by the University in student conduct proceedings related to academic dishonesty (See Canvas Start Here module for more information)” Turnitin generates a report that highlights any potentially unoriginal text in your paper, including text from previous students’ or current students’ submissions.


Section 1 Reflection (2 pts)

Take the opportunity to reflect back on last week’s work. Please use complete sentences!

a) Identify one thing you did well. Be specific and use an example.

I had less driving time last week, and more time I chose to carpool or use public transportation, and in China we use a software called Didi to complete carpool trips, which not only cut down on travel costs. It can also effectively reduce carbon emissions per capita.

b) Identify one thing you could improve upon. Be specific and use an example.

I think instead of taking public transport or carpooling, I should choose to walk or ride a bike, so I can exercise on the one hand, and reduce individual carbon emissions on the other. In many cities in China, we have public bike for just $1 a month and you can ride unlimited times, and you can find it anywhere at any time and also same as park it.

c) Find and copy a grader’s comment on your work here. Not sure where to look? See the ‘submission comments’ on your assignment, or email and ask!

Type answer here

d) Respond to the grader (Who will read this! This is your opportunity to connect!). You could state how you could have done better, did you need to double check a value, ask a question, look something up, put something in your own words?

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