Professional Custom Accounting Papers:Interest Groups and Political Power in Texas

Professional Custom Accounting Papers:Interest Groups and Political Power in Texas

Interest Groups and Political Power in Texas

In this chapter you read about interest groups. Interest groups and lobbies are the same thing and you can use those words interchangeably. A lobby / interest group of people that join together that have common interests and seek to influence the government.

For example – most people are familiar with The National Rifle Association (NRA). The NRA is an interest group that promotes ideals relating to gun usage and gun ownership (among other themes). People who are interested in those themes can join the NRA and the NRA takes that money and hires lobbyists to promote the themes they want to promote to the government – i.e. promoting legislation that will promote gun ownership and laws or working to defeat legislation that will go against the themes they want to promote.

For your post on this chapter, tell us what kind of interest group you would form if you formed an interest group in Texas. Think about what kind of issues you think are important in Texas and what kind of interest group(s) you would join and what kinds of issues you would like to see addressed in Texas. Tell us who you think would join your interest group, what the issues would be your group would address, and what kind of legislation you would like to see passed and/or not passed that would impact your group. If you would like some ideas of the kinds of interest groups that are available on a national and local level go to The Project Vote Smart website ( and scroll to the bottom and click on interest groups and you will be able to explore national and state interest groups.

REMEMBER – you get more points for posting early AND for the more times you post responses! Read your classmates’ posts about the interest groups they would form, thoughtfully respond to those posts re what you think about them (do you like the group or dislike the group and why), you will learn, we will all learn from your response, and you will get extra points!

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