Program-level objectives program sociology article

Write a 6-paragraph sociology article, one paragraph to address each of the six points below. Make it easy for me to identify your answers to each question. 1. DRAW 3 CONCLUSIONS FROM THE ARTICLE: Don’t just relate what Blow said. List your conclusions clearly with order transitions. For example, “First, …” 2. ADDRESS HOW THE TOPIC THE AUTHOR DISCUSSES: Robertson’s denial of racism and discrimination- ADDS TO HUMAN SUFFERING. 3. ADDRESS WHICH THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVE (Structural Functional, Social Conflict or Symbolic Interaction) BEST FITS THE AUTHOR’S APPROACH. 4. ADDRESS HOW THE TOPIC DISCUSSED: Robertson’s denial of racism and discrimination- IS A “PERSONAL TROUBLE” OR “SOCIAL ISSUE,” AND PROVIDE SUPPORT. 5. ANALYZE & DISCUSS TWO ELEMENTS OF DATA FROM THE CHART IN THE ARTICLE. 6. PROVIDE THREE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE FUTURE RESEARCH ON LAWS, POLICIES, OR PROGRAMS. – Again, list them clearly with transitions. You are able to use these two links for more information:
Deadline 01-08-2017