Project #3: Portfolio & Reflection-ENG 107

Project #3: Portfolio & Reflection

Due 12/7, 20% of course grade


Assignment Prompt


Task Description

For your final portfolio, you have three tasks.

  1. You will choose five artifacts that you have written this semester in English 107 and compile them in a final portfolio on Adobe Spark. These artifacts should explicitly connect with specific Student Learning Outcomes, demonstrating your growth and struggles with composition this semester.
  2. You will compose an essay in which you reflect on your knowledge, using key terms learned throughout the semester. This reflection should highlight both struggles and successes in English 107.
  3. You will incorporate relevant visuals that you can justify in your reflective essay, engaging in the visual analysis practices we have gone over in class.



The goal of this final portfolio is to reflect on and demonstrate that you have carefully thought about your process of learning in this course. Reflecting on your learning in English 107 should demonstrate to readers that you have spent time considering how your work connects with the Course Goals and Student Learning Outcomes . This project allows you to document your performance in this class by examining what you’ve produced this semester in relation to some of the student learning outcomes. Key terms introduced in the course represent core concepts in writing, and they will be useful vocabulary for explaining your development as a writer.



Options to Consider

  • Selecting artifacts. Review and select samples of any writing you produced this semester. “Any writing” means anything you’ve produced for this class that demonstrates both achievement AND struggles in meeting SLOs. It might be notes you made for class, all of the major assignments with rough drafts, and homework or annotated reading assignments that you felt had an influence on your learning this semester.
  • Reflecting on your learning. Use some of the course key terms (audience, purpose, context, genre, community, rhetorical situation) to reflect on your learning. You can draw from reflections composed at the end of each major project as you compose this essay. You are required to discuss all four (4) main goals on the list of course goals and student learning outcomes.


Format Requirements

Use Adobe Spark to construct a “Collection” or “Presentation” in which you will include:

  • Five (5) artifacts that demonstrate both achievement and struggle with the SLOs; refer to the ENGL 107 Course Description and Student Learning Outcomes in D2L.
    • Provide artifacts with descriptive names.
    • Briefly describe the artifact and discuss the SLOs to which you have connected it.
    • Use a visual to connect the artifact with your writing and a course goal.


  • A reflective essay, 750-1000 words, including in-text references to your artifacts.


Portfolio Grading Rubric


Above Minimum Requirements:  To earn a grade of A (90-100), all of the above requirements must be met as well as each of the following:


________Portfolio as a whole:

  • Includes an interesting and informative title that reflects the focus.
  • Follows a specific design that creates unity with the focus and purpose of the portfolio and allows readers to navigate the portfolio with ease.
  • Scrupulously achieves expectations for format and portfolio conventions.
  • Uses relevant visuals that connect to some aspect of the writer, process, or product.
  • Follows an effective organization.


________Reflective Essay:

  • Makes an overall claim about how your writing has developed and what you learned. This claim establishes your focus and purpose in the portfolio.
  • Includes its own title that is engaging and hooks the reader’s attention.
  • Analyzes your development in specific learning outcomes and uses key words within the context of English 107.
  • Makes systematic use of artifacts to offer relevant, sufficient, and accurate evidence of claims.
  • Includes a paragraph or more of critical self-assessment.
  • Considers how, when, where, and why you will use specific outcomes in the future.
  • Includes an organizing point and effective transitions in every paragraph.
  • Uses a stylistically effective tone and language.



______/100 Points



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