Project Manager

Need to write a minimum 500 word description covering the below criteria.


Assume you are a Project Manager/ Scrum Master with a IT Organization.

Write a summary how the knowledge gained in the two subjects mentioned below  has helped the candidate to successfully perform his/her duties as Project Manager/Scrum Master.

It has to clearly explain how the topics mentioned below helped in performing the current role as a Project Manager

Take the topics and analyze their relatedness and how helpful are they for the duties mentioned below

Topics covered in each subject are also mentioned.

Role: Project Manager / Scrum Master


  • Project planning and execution
  • Management of project resources
  • Status reporting (status, risk, issues, action items, etc.) to project teams as well as to senior management/governance committees.
  • Experience with management project financials – budgeting, tracking and reporting actual costs, as well as forecasting project spend.
  • Management of project plans in MS Project
  • Managing service delivery of application development project using Agile and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity POC

Subject 1: Information Security and Risk Management

  • Information Systems Security
  • Risk, Threat, Vulnerability
  • Risk-Related Concerns for Business
  • Seven Domains of a Typical IT Infrastructure
  • Risk Management Elements/Process
  • Techniques of Risk Management
  • Components of Risk Management
  • Objectives of a Risk Management Plan
  • Using a Cause and Effect Diagram
  • Risk Assessment
  • Best Practices for Performing Risk Assessments
  • Identify procedural controls, Identify technical controls, Identify physical controls, Compare functional controls
  • Creating a Risk Mitigation Plan
  • Performing a Cost-Benefit Analysis


Subject 2: Application Security

  • Microsoft Windows and the Threat Landscape
  • What information systems security is
  • What the tenets of information security are: the Confidentiality-Integrity-Availability (C-I-A) triad
  • What mapping Microsoft Windows and applications into a typical IT infrastructure is
  • Security in the Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • What access controls and authentication are
  • What security tokens, rights, and permissions are
  • What users, groups, and Active Directory are
  • Access Controls in Microsoft Windows
  • What the principle of least privilege is
  • What access models are, including identification, authentication, authorization, ACLs, and more
  • What Windows objects and access controls are
  • What forms of identification are, including SIDs, GUIDs, and CLSIDs
  • Microsoft Windows Encryption Tools and Technologies
  • What security certificates are
  • What the public key infrastructure (PKI) is
  • What best practices for Microsoft Windows encryption techniques are
  • Protecting Microsoft Windows Against Malware
  • What the purpose of malware is
  • What different types of malware are
  • What antivirus and anti-spyware software are
  • Why updating software is important
  • Group Policy Control in Microsoft Windows
  • What Group Policy and Group Policy Objects are
  • How to make Group Policy conform to security policy
  • Which types of GPOs are in the Registry
  • Microsoft Windows Network Security
  • What network security is & What the principles of Microsoft Windows network security are
  • What Microsoft Windows security protocols and services are


  • How to secure Microsoft Windows environment network services
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