PSCI 105 Issues of Our Times: Is building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico boarder the answer to the crisis of illegal immigration?

Spring 2019


Approved Paper Topics

Issues of Our Times

PSCI 105


Is the U.N. Obsolete?


Should U.N. member states pay a greater share of the organization’s operating expenses?


Is building a wall the answer to the crisis of illegal immigration?


Are small poor states on the world scene sovereign in name only?


Is the “free world” currently experiencing a leadership crisis?


Has international terrorism been defeated?


Was it a mistake for the US to abandon the Paris accords on the environment?


Is the US winning the War on Terror (WOT)?


Has the US’ reputation, internationally, suffered a significant decline since 2016?


Is nationalism in the age of globalization a good idea for the nation?





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