Psychoanalytic, Marxist and Feminist Criticism

+2000 words, MLA Format, Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font. All citations must use parenthetical citation according to the MLA 8th ed. Include a “Works Cited” page, as well.

1. Choose any text or texts (a novel, a film, a series of advertisements, a cartoon, a genre of music, etc.) and apply Psychoanalytic, Marxist and Feminist Criticism. Your goal is to make an argument as to what your chosen text/s can mean from these three different “lenses.”
2. You can analyze a relatively straightforward piece of popular culture or a complex piece of art. You can analyze the NFL, children’s books, beer ads or War and Peace.  All of these are examples of “texts” because they are cultural productions. In a literary studies course, we analyze poems, short stories, novels, plays, and films.
3.  It does not matter to me what text you choose. Make sure you choose a text with which you are extremely familiar.
4. Again, choose one text or a series of texts and apply the three theories we’ve studied so far. Argue what the text means from these three different lenses. Be objective. Save those earned observations and opinions for your conclusion paragraph. Disney films are perfect texts for this kind of thing if you are confused or if this is outside your comfort zone.

Choose one text or a series of texts, and read it/them from a Psychoanalytic, Marxist, and Feminist lens. You are making an argument about what the text means from these three different perspectives. In short, what would a Psychoanalytic critic argue, what would a Marxist critic argue, and what would a Feminist critic argue about your chosen text/s?

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