Psychology of Graphics Philosophy Research Paper

1. The Psychology of Graphics 2. From the following list, choose a global issue that you would like to promote: • Poverty and environment 3. Research your topic. Gather at least 10 links and information websites. In a Microsoft Word document, write a short paragraph about the type of information available in each location or book. 4. Begin to brainstorm ways you could promote this issue in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible with minimal impact on the environment. 5. Using design thinking, begin looking for inspiration and ideas for your final project. 6. Create 10 rough thumbnails for booth designs. Begin to think of possible sustainable materials. These will be researched later, but it is a good idea to begin thinking of ideas. 7. Make a list of 10 possible ways to create the information collateral (brochure, handout, booklet). This collateral will also be created with sustainable materials. Make a list of 10 possible giveaway items and create rough sketches of them.