Hi Writer, 🙂 The following is a brief on how the essay needs to be written. The standard has to be of 2:1.
This is for a Public law paper and the question of the paper is included in an essay brief which I will upload on to the account.
In order to write this essay in the best way, can you please ensure of the following:
1)Include a Title, Introduction, Conclusion and Sub Headings where appropriate.
2)Please reference using OSCOLA reference (English UK) ( Link on how to do OSCOLA)
3)Please write in UK English not USA English as teacher will know the essay has been bought.
4)Please include page numbers
5)Please include ONLY reference from journal articles, public law books, government websites (only reliable websites NOT law teacher etc. as the teacher will fail the paper if used.)
6)Please include footnotes for referencing
7)Please include a bibliography in alphabetical order
8)Please do 2500 words (can exceed to 2600 if necessary)
Relevant cases to be used within the paper and journal article information:

Hello Mr Writer 
So below are some cases that are related to constitutional significance. Where appropriate, can you add the cases in (you don’t need to explain the facts of the case as this brings marks down but just advise why it’s relevant to the question of the paper and the topic.
I’ve also added names to some journal articles I have found for you that might assist you in your research. Please reference with books, reliable websites (not law teacher or law essay) and journals to reference the work.
– Prohibitions Del Roy (1607) 12 Co Rep 63
– Entick v. Carrington (1765) 19 St Tr 1030
– Burmah Oil v. Lord Advocate [1965] AC 75
– Pickin v British Railway Boards [1974] AC 765
– A (FC) and Others v SSHD [2005] 2 WLR 87
– Jackson v Attorney General [2005]
– AXA General Insurance Limited and others v The Lord Advocate and others [2011] UKSC 46

Here are some journal articles, I have put together which you can search that might provide some information for your research of the question of this paper:
Barber, NW, ‘Laws and constitutional conventions’ (2009) 125 Law Quarterly Review 294.
Dicey, AV, (1885) Introduction to the Study of the Constitution, 1959, London: Macmillan.
Hennessey, P, ‘Helicopter crashes into Cabinet: Prime Minister and constitution hurt’ (1986) 13 Journal of Legal Studies 423.
Jaconelli, J, ‘The nature of constitutional conventions’ (1999) 19 Legal Studies 24.
Jaconelli, J, ‘Do constitutional conventions bind?’ (2005) 64 Cambridge Law Journal 149.
Jennings, Sir Ivor, Cabinet Government, 1959, 3rd edn, Cambridge: CUP.
Jennings, Sir Ivor, The Law and the Constitution, 1959, 5th edn, London: Hodder & Stoughton.
Munro, CR, ‘Laws and conventions distinguished’ (1975) 91 Law Quarterly Review 224.
Munro, CR, Studies in Constitutional Law, 1999, 2nd edn, London: Butterworths, Chapter 3.
White Paper, The Governance of Britain, 2007, Cm 7170.
Wilson, R, ‘The robustness of conventions in a time of modernisation and change’ [2004] Public Law 407.

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