public listed company

Master Chef Limited became an ASX public listed company by issuing 11,110,000 ordinary shares at $1.45 each on 01 July 2016. At the end of one year (on 30 June 2017), the price of a share was $1.20. For the period of one year, the company paid dividends of 20 cents per share. The financial results of Master Chef for this year show the following information: Master Chef Limited Income Statement (Selected items) For the Year Ending on 30 June 2017 $’000 Revenue – Rental income 8,440 Operating Profit before items below Depreciation and amortisation Interest expense 6,107 3,534 1,284 The income tax rate for companies in Australia for this period was 30%. An investor purchased 100,000 ordinary shares on issue and held these shares for one year to 30 June 2017. Calculate the following financial measures for Master Chef: (a) Price-earnings ratio. (b) Dividend yield for the year. (c) Holding period return for the investor over the year.  (d) Market capitalisation on 30 June 2016.