PY 325 Research Methods Fall 2019- Using Gueguen (2014) on eLearning article, what hypothesis was investigated in this study?

PY 325, Research Methods,Fall 2019

Loel Tronsky


Primary Research Article Questions




For the primary research article given [Gueguen (2014) on eLearning], please answer each of the questions below in a 1- to 2-page paper


The Questions


  1. What hypothesis was investigated in this study?  Why was that prediction made?


  1. Explain what the independent variable in the study was and explain what the dependent variable in the study was.


  1. What were the results?  Please include the numerical data from Results section (just the percentages).  Explain what these data show and how well these data do (or do not) support the hypothesis.


  1. Future research—based on the present research study, what is an interesting research question that could be pursued in the future?  What would the IV and DV be, and why would the study be interesting/important to conduct?
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