Rashomon (Kurosawa Akira, 1950)–Film review

Pick one scene that impressed you from the films of Week 1-4 and discuss how and why that particular scene impressed you. Instructions: 1) Identify what kind of shots, editing, lighting, and sound are used. 2) Examine what the effects of those techniques are, in relation to the film’s story, themes, characterizations, atmosphere, etc. 3) Determine whether the assigned readings say anything about the scene, or the techniques that are used in the scene. If they do, discuss your thoughts on the author’s claims

Week 4: The Post-WWII Occupation in 1945-52
January 30 (Lecture) & February 1 (Discussion)
Film: Rashomon (Kurosawa Akira, 1950)
Readings: Donald Richie “Rashomon,” in Rashomon, ed. Donald Richie (New
Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 1994), 1-21; Akutagawa Ryunosuke,
“In a Grove,” in Rashomon, 102-109.

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