Reaction Paper

Below you will find seven categories of questions. Pick ONE QUESTION and write an essay answering the question. Include an opinionated discussion and reference research to support your conclusions. Your essay should be 2-3 typed pages (not incluing your reference page), employing research obtained from your reading the text, searching the internet and library for the most contemporary articles, publications, essays, etc. Your paper should include a minimum of 3 references, of which your text can be one. When citing published works you must always use appropriate references (not Wikipedia) following APA format. These references should always include the author, name of publication, date, etc. For information about APA style use the explanation documents I provided or visit Paper guidelines: Font size: 12, Font: Times New Roman or Arial, Black ink only, Double spaced & NO TITLE PAPER REQUIRED. Biological Issues 1.Are humans naturally violent? 2.Are genetic explanations of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder faulty? 3.Does evolutionary psychology explain human sex differences? Research Issues 1.What are your thoughts of ethics in research? 2.Should animal research in psychology be eliminated? 3.Does psychotherapy really help? Human Development 1.Do mothers who work outside of the home have a negative effect on their children? 2.Does the divorce of parents harm their children? Cognitive Processes 1.Should psychology adopt a theory of multiple intelligences? 2.Do adults repress memories of childhood sexual abuse? Mental health 1.Is drug addiction a choice? 2.Do multiple personalities (Dissociative Identity Disorder) exist? Psychological Treatment 1.Does drug treatment work? 2.Is treating homosexuality ethical and effective? 3.Does electroshock therapy cure depression? Social Psychology 1.Is media violence harmful to children? 2.Does the internet have psychological benefits? 3.Is pornography harmful?