Regarding the Affordable Care Act (2010)

Regarding the Affordable Care Act (2010):

•    The Basic Health Program within the ACA: Is it reasonable across the lifespan?
•    Is the ACA financially viable and secure over the next 25 years? Evidence pro and
•    Will the ACA achieve access to truly quality care for those with and without
insurance? Evidence pro and con

Paper Requirements

1.    The paper will be submitted in APA format (American Psychological Association, 6th Ed.), including the running header.
2.    The paper will be no longer than 20 pages, including references and cover page.
3.    The paper will be written using Times New Roman font, size 12.
4.    The paper will incorporate the following sections:

a.    NO ABSTRACT is required.
b.    Introduction, which will clearly state the topic and why it is important in understanding the delivery of health care;
c.    Information and evidence about this historical information about the problem, prior policy and/or legislation directed to improve population health, and the current status of the topic;
d.    Controversies inherent in the topic (including specific selections that illustrate the controversies may be chosen when many exist);
e.    Suggested policies (your own, based upon evidence) to improve the health care problem inherent in the topic of the paper;
f.    Future evidence that needs to be obtained through public health, governmental agencies, or non-governmental agencies to assess the interventions you propose (financial recommendations need only to be generally stated, since this evidence may be difficult to predict; trending is acceptable, when that has been proposed within the evidence you site;
g.    Conclusion, based solely on material presented earlier in introductory comments and in the body of the paper, and
h.    Use of graduate student-level language and critical thinking, especially terminology used in the course and course text. Spell checking and grammar checking is strongly suggested.
5.    Reference listing.
6.    If tables are used, they will follow APA guidelines.

Paper Submission

1.    The paper will be submitted to Dr. Cato on the date listed in the course schedule.
2.    Dr. Cato will use a plagiarism checker prior to grading the papers. Students will observe the academic honesty requirements as presented in the course syllabus.
3.    If you have questions not answered here, please post your question and/or email Dr. Cato during the first two weeks of the course for help.

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