the reintegration of returning American female Iraq war veterans with PTSD

Environmental Industrial Waste and the Impact of Chronic Pulmonary Disorders of Citizens Living in Rural Areas [Select one topic, identify the variable for one population group.]



(Level 1 Heading, See APA, 2010 page 62)

This research paper will include a review of three research studies on a community health nursing topic. The topic must be on a single population with a single focus. You cannot include topics on children, women’s or adolescent pregnancy. Please include a copy of each article. The paper is limited to ten (10) pages, no exceptions. It is due is November [see the calendar] at the beginning of class.

This paper will consist of four sections, introduction, a summary of each research study, conclusions, and references. The introduction will include background information, purpose of the literature review, and an introduction of research studies selected.

The following format is Required for this paper and will be graded based on format and content using the attached grading criteria (turn in a copy of the Grading Criteria form with your paper):

Page 1: Title page – use the APA format adopted by the Department of Nursing (see page 1).

Page 2: DO NOT include an abstract. Start with the introduction using Level 1 (Introduction) and Level 2 headings (Background Information is the first side heading you will use). See APA, 2010 page 62 for further information.

Background Information (Side heading – Level 2)

Include background information to support why this topic is a public health problem, issue or concern to society. Statistical data are very useful in this section to help justify the problem. You must reference this information. The textbook is a good starting point. The research studies selected for the summary cannot be used to formulation your statement of the problem.

Purpose (Side heading – Level 2)

This is a statement of what you want to accomplish from the review of research studies to address the problem identified in the Background Information section. A good way to start is by stating: “The purpose of this literature review is to . . . . . .

Introduction of Research Studies (Side heading – Level 2)

This section tells what the research studies are about. It is not a summary of each study but it lets the reader know what content to expect from each study. For example, the study by Stanford and Lester (2005) provides an overview of organizational and environmental factors on nursing care in the community based on cultural-relevant care theory. Continue for the second and third study.

Summary of Research Studies (Level 1)

First Research Study (Side heading – Level 2)

Stanford, M. & Lester, B. (2005) The impact of organizational and environmental factors on cultural-relevant care in the community. Public Health Nursing 11(5) 222-240. [include doi number when provided]

Begin this section with the reference for the first study using APA format. This is the citation for the research study. Therefore, it is not necessary to use citations in the text unless you used direct quotes. In that case you include the page number. Remember everything is double-spaced with APA. Be sure to review how to use numbers and percent.

Use the most recent research journal articles. No study before 2000 will be accepted, unless you are researching an historical issue. Include a copy of each article with your paper.

Second Research Study (Side heading – Level 2)

Begin with the citation then start the summary of the second study. Most summaries will take one to two pages. If you have more than two pages for the summary, please try to condense the information by highlighting the most significant facts. You need to include the purpose, methodology used, results and conclusions or recommendations of the research study.

Third Research Study (Side heading – Level 2)

Continue with the citation and summary of the third study. Remember, these research studies must be on the same topic/problem. The idea is to develop an understanding of the problem from several points of view.

Conclusions (Level 1)

Summary of Findings (Side heading – Level 2)

Summarize the findings from the three research studies. These are the most significant findings or conclusions from the studies that will be used for the following sections. Remember each statement is documented by author(s).

Healthy People 2020 Objective (Side heading – Level 2)

Select the most appropriate Healthy People 2020 Objective(s) for the problem and population based on your findings from the studies. State the objective number, the objective as written including baseline and target information. You will need to use other resources such as the textbook or web for this information. If you are researching a global topic, you may want to include the World Health Organization’s United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. All of this information must tie together as a local United States or global issue.

Recommendations (Side heading – Level 2)

Explain how the information from the Summary of Findings and Healthy People Objectives can be used by the community health nursing in clinical practice. These are your suggestions that may include developing a program plan, health education for a specific target group, opening a clinic, starting or creating a new level of health care, etc. Select one focus and develop a method to improve the health of the population selected. Be creative, think outside the box and use a theoretical base. For example, you may use a theory such as healthy communities, MAPP concept, an education model, etc. (Continue to write in third-person.)

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References (Level 1)

Stanford, M. & Lester, B. (2005). The impact of organizational and environmental factors on cultural-relevant care in the community. Public Health Nursing 11(5) 222-240

Stanhope, M. & Lancaster, B. (2010). Community health nursing: Caring for populations (3th ed.). New Jersey: Prentice Hall, Pearson Education, Inc.

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). (2010). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

See this site for assistance with APA:

[Include all resources used: including the three research studies, source(s) for your background information, government documents, etc. Yes, it is a necessary duplication.]

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