YOU NEED THIS BOOK: Primary Sources: Connections a World History Third edition

Answer questions below then write a essay

1. 2.2 Excerpts from the Hebrew Bible (p. 39).
Who led the pursuit of the People of Israel who fled Egypt?
2. 6.1 Excerpt from the Avesta (p. 115).
What is considered the “best good”?
3. 8.2 Excerpt from the Sermon on the Mount (p. 160).
What does Jesus tell those to do when one slaps them on their right cheek?
4. 11.2 The Five Pillars of Islam (p. 215).
What is the name of the holy month when Muslims observe their fast?
What do these works show about how each religion expected people to live their lives? What are some similarities and differences between the works? Is it possible that some of the works borrowed themes or ideas from the others? Draw some other/further comparisons and contrasts between the three works.

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