Research Outline-Financial Issues in Healthcare Assignment


Research Outline-Financial Issues in Healthcare Assignment

Financial Issues in Healthcare Assignment

1 Describe briefly the following terms: Chapters 1

1. Importance of Financial Information

2. Health Care Industry Trends 3. Uses of Financial Information

4. Stewardship and Effectiveness

5. Explain the two main duties of financial managers

6. Name the main forms of business organization in health care

7. Briefly explain Investor-Owned Health Care Entities, Publicly-Traded Companies, Privately-Held Companies, Professional Corporations, Sole Proprietorships and Government HC Organizations

Describe the 3 major activities collected on the patient at Registration 2. Name the two coding systems 3. Name the six main categories at Level I –CPT codes 4. Explain briefly Level II HCPCS codes 5. Name the 3 greatest concerns in billing 6. Name the Claim-Level dispositions

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