Research Paper

This unit, (Week 6) is the final unit of the course, and will be devoted to the final essay: The Argument Research Paper. After selecting a suitable topic you will be required to complete a fully researched, documented essay using proper MLA format and scholarly sources. In Week 6, in addition to creating a Research Plan, you will complete the following objectives: Write a well developed, fully researched, and correctly documented Argument Research Paper Construct an Argumentative Thesis Organize supporting details Evaluate sources for support Revise, edit, and proofread Demonstrate competence in research and documentation Recognize information that requires documentation Integrate source materials into essay Use MLA documentation style, which includes in-text citations and Works Cited page Remember, first and foremost, your argument must be debatable. If there is no one to oppose your specific argument then it is not debatable. Also, two of your sources MUST be from the Opposing Viewpoints database (accessible online in the Valencia Library). This is a major requirement of the assignments; therefore, there are no exceptions. Failure to use two resources obtained from this particular database will dramatically affect your ability to receive a passing grade on the Research Paper. Included in the Week 6 unit is a Final Checklist that is essentially like the rubric I use to grade the research papers. It contains all of the guidelines to ensure that meet all of the requirements for the paper.

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