Research paper on Humanistic management

The management research paper should be typed following the format below. Length- must be at least 1 (one) page no more than 2; 12” font -double spaced. As we have discussed several areas of management and business, please find an article (newspaper, magazine, internet, book, or journal) that correlates to the topic. Once you have found the research article, please prepare a 1-2-page summary of the article, to include answering the questions below: How does the article correlate to any subject we have discussed or will discuss in (future) classes in regard to the text? If you found the article to be interesting why or why not, and or what was the (light-bulb, or A-HA) moment that caught your attention? Does the article have anything that you plan to implement in your future, professionally or personally? Please use this article and base the above instructions on this article: