Research paper-Juvenile Probation Programs

This paper has already been submitted as a rough draft and i got a 90 on it.  This is the comments from the instructor:

Good work on your rough draft paper submission. Please expand further on your Introduction and literature review. Also, outline the limitations of your study and future research opportunities.

I look forward to reviewing your final paper in Unit VIII. Keep up the great work in class!

-Dr. Rzemyk

This is the paper instructions:
In the field of criminal justice, there is always the need for the development of evidence-based strategies, programs, policies. The evidence that is used to influence changes in the field of criminal justice is extracted from the findings of criminal justice research studies conducted by social science researchers such as yourself. Therefore, there is a continual need to conduct criminal justice research that examines current issues in the field. You are tasked with developing a research study that explores a current issue in the field of criminal justice. Your detailed study research report can now be submitted.
The research report consists of four parts:
1. Part 1 – This includes your research topic, research questions, and research design.
2. Part 2 – This includes your literature review.
3. Part 3 – This includes your research methodology.
4. Part 4 – This includes your discussion and conclusion.
You had the opportunity to tie all for parts together in a rough draft and make final revisions before presenting your research report for the course’s final project. For this assignment, you will prepare your research report for final submission to the instructor. The assignment should incorporate Parts 1-4 of the research report.
To prepare your research report, complete the following tasks:
1. Incorporate any suggested changes from the feedback you received from the instructor for the rough draft of the
research report you submitted in Unit VI.
2. Ensure the sections of the research report are ordered as follows:
a. Title Page
b. Abstract
c. Introduction
d. Literature Review
e. Methodology
f. Discussion and Conclusion
g. References
3. Ensure the research report is a minimum of six double-spaced, typed pages.
Information about accessing the Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.

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