Research Paper-SOCI 201

SOCI 201

Research Paper – Final Submission Instructions

By the end of Module/Week 7, you must submit the final version of your research paper. The paper must thoroughly address your chosen social problem, investigate possible solutions for the problem, incorporate five peer-reviewed resources and journal articles, and have a properly formatted reference page.

Final Research Papers will be between 6 to 8 pages in length. It is important to convey your subject and topic content concisely for your final assignment. Longer assignments have a tendency to veer off subject. It is important to clearly write about your topic. (An example of a research paper outline is included below which might be of interest to you).

Remember that you must discuss the roles that the church, the family, and the community should play in the solutions to the problem. Additionally, be sure to incorporate biblical support for the positions and opinions that you express.

Review the grading rubric to improve the quality of your paper. Your paper will be submitted through SafeAssign, a tool used to detect plagiarism.

An example of a research paper which you might use to guide you, using APA guidelines which can be reviewed through the Writing Center:

Title Page

The title page for a research paper can be reviewed through the Writing Center and if you have an APA Manual 6th ed. p. 41 includes an example.


Double-spaced, flush left margin. An abstract is a brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of the article. An abstract reports rather than evaluates. Be brief, and make each sentence informative, especially the lead sentence. An abstract will be viewed alone on the page. An abstract will not include citations per APA guidelines.


The body of a manuscript opens with an introduction that presents the specific problem being studied, and describes the research strategy. Although not mandatory, APA citations can be included in an introduction.

Headings will enhance academic writing

Headings provide sound organizational structure to clear, precise information and communication you wish to convey to your reader. Headings throughout your paper will enhance academic writing and can assist the reader to anticipate key points and track the development of your argument.

Three to four pages of topic content using headings should present a concise research assignment demonstrating your understanding of the content. Remember, single sentence paragraphs are too abrupt, and paragraphs which are too long are likely to lose the reader’s attention.


Be sure to tie your research paper together with a strong concluding paragraph. A strong conclusion will tell the reader briefly what has been researched and discussed.


APA reference style can be reviewed through the Writing Center and your APA Manual

6th ed. pp. 198-210.

Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 7.

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