Research Paper-Southwest Philadelphia

Research Paper-Southwest Philadelphia

Southwest Philadelphia”

Read the article, “Southwest Philadelphia,” and answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1. Identify the main idea of the article in Paragraph 1, and write the sentence in your own words.

2. What was the most ‘significant trait’ of the author’s neighborhood? (Paragraph 2)

3.  How did the school that the author went to influence in shaping his character? (Paragraph 3)

4.  Even though his neighborhood did face problems such as racism, teenage gangs, drugs etc, he says they were not concerned about these problems. Why? (Paragraph 5)

5.  What does the author mean when he says, “I get the distinct impression that some of them would prefer to remain strangers.” (Paragraph 6)

6.  In Paragraph 7, the author says, “In the process, we have become alienated from one another.” What is ‘the process’ he is referring to?

7. What is the author’s hope about his present neighborhood? (Paragraph 8)

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