Research Paper-The Party System in Texas

Research Paper-The Party System in Texas

The Party System in Texas

In this chapter you are reading about political parties. Although I am sure everyone has heard the term “political party,” I think you will still learn a lot in reading this chapter.

For your post on this chapter, write about what sort of party you would form if you were to form a political party. Determine what your characteristics will be and define your party platform. We live in Texas so you are forming this party in Texas. That said, all parties start somewhere so your goal may be to keep your party focused on Texas issues and effect change here or you can start it here and your goal may be to take it to a national level. It is up to you but you are starting it here in Texas. Will you form a single issue political party here because you feel so strongly about one issue you think it warrants a political party to address it? If so, what is your issue and fully explain it and what your party will do “for” the issue. Or will you form a political party that takes a stand on more than one issue or many issues. If so, explain that to us.

Some Things to Think About When Forming Your Party:

· What is a political party?

· Four major functions of political parties:

· Nominating candidates to office

· Structuring the voting choice in elections

· Proposing alternative government programs

· Coordinating the actions of government officials

· Will you form a large party that takes a stand on many issues or will you form a small party that has one issue that is meaningful to them?

· Large parties like the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have platforms that encompass major issues – in Texas members of larger parties have platforms that address, at least, the following – see page 106 in your book for examples of the Texas Democratic and Republican Party Platforms:

· Stronger states’ rights vs. stronger national rights

· Education

· Taxes – should taxes be more or less – should you put higher taxes on things like cigarettes and alcohol and lower taxes on food?

· Abortion

· Death Penalty

· Immigration

· Citizenship

· Minimum Wage

· Healthcare