Research Papers on Project Report and Project Proposals-Write my project

Research Papers on Project Report and Project Proposals-Write my project

Final Project

Task 2 – Project Report


For report writing, please use APA format (Max 10 pages Time New Roman font 12, 1 1/2 space including front matters, body and back end matters).

Please use the following outline for the individual report:

  • Introduction – technology researched for this project, significance and value of technology, etc.
  • Background – history, major development, research questions, hypotheses, social and culture settings, text book relevance, e.g.: driving forces, technology diffusion, global impact and convergence, technology determinism, etc.
  • Results- literature review, personal interview, major findings, data, pictures, videos, society impacts, trends, points related to topics in the textbook, answers to research questions, possible theory and explanation of phenomena for proposed hypotheses, etc.
  • Conclusions and Discussions – summary of your work, surprises, serendipities, discussions of what learned related to technology, research process, team work, course goals, etc.
  • References in APA style


Task 1: Project Proposal


One Page Proposal should include the following elements:

    • Technology and/or Social Topic for the project
    • Significance and importance of the topic as well as your interests
    • Identify key issues and resources for additional information or study
    • Research plan, anticipated results and Timeline.

Following is a list of project topics:


Technology in History:

Technology Diffusion in Japan, Technology Diffusion in China, Technology Diffusion in India

Technology Diffusion in Saudi Arabia, Technology Diffusion in Israel,

Technology Diffusion in Africa, etc.

Contemporary Technology:

3D Printer, UAV, Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Block chain, Bitcoin, Cloud Computing, Big Data Technology, etc.

Technology in Society:

Technology and finance, Technology and food safety, Technology and agriculture, Technology and politics, Technology and government, Technology and education, etc.

Theories and Philosophy:

Technology Determinism and Artificial Intelligence, Constructivism and Big Data, Max Weber and C.S. Lewis, Adam Smith and Karl Marx, Scripture Perspective of Technology Advancement, etc.