Research the need for communication between public and private organizations.

Research the need for communication between public and private organizations. Discuss counterterrorism. Why is communication between public and private organizations so important?

Research examples of Incident Action Plans. Discuss an Incident Action Plan (IAP). What planning processes do agencies use to develop an IAP?

Class is International Relations. Please read instructions carefully, this paper is very specific. 850 words max paper on the following topic: “On 3/2019, Pres.Trump planned to cut half of the funding to Central American countries given by Obama (a total of $500m)— making an additional $185 contingent on these countries taking steps to reduce migration — and this month, it decreased the amount it sought to cut by $150 million of the original budget.In light of ongoing debates, and write a memo to the US President explaining the costs and benefits of using foreign aid to advance US interests in El Salvador as compared to other tools, and propose a policy recommendation.”

Format of the paper is Times new roman 12 pt, double spaced. The sections should be as follows:

-Intro (it’s a summary of problem, analysis, and recommendation no larger than 1 paragraph)

-Background (review of the policy problem at hand, your country’s policy responses in recent years, and why the issue affects the national interest of your country. Concise – just hit the high notes and get to the current state of play.)

-Analysis (range, sequence, and outcome of proposed policy recommendations. pros and cons. Please have 3 policy recommendations)

-Recommendation (choose of the 3 the best option and explain why)