Research Topics

Below are several relevant news articles that would make great topics for the Yesterday and Today assignment. Keep in mind, you will need to do more research – you should have several sources – a book, journal article, interview, news clip, and other resources make excellent sources. If you are concerned about the authenticity of a website, please send me the link via email and I will look into it. NO Wikipedia! I strongly encourage you to listen to what the news is covering when choosing a topic. *Remember, cite your sources and cite each time you paraphrase.

African American/Civil Rights:

First African American Woman as head of Library of Congress:

Smithsonian’s African American History Museum Just Opened:

Native Peoples:

Uncontacted Tribe Allegedly Killed by Miners

L.A. Votes to Replace Columbus Day

Canadian Government Admits Genocide

Coffee and Politics throughout history

Child Labor


Child Labor and Chocolate

Child labor:


New Scramble for Africa (China)


Vietnam (President Obama visits and offers support)   (President Obama’s visit to Japan) (President Obama visits Laos)


World War 2

Secret Black Holocaust:

Holocaust Survivors:

Japan and Russia Discuss Signing WW2 Peace Treaty

Bones found near former Nazi research center:

Nazi Internment Camp Guard’s Trial:

Escape Tunnel in Lithuania Discovered (from Nazi Germany)

Middle East

Partitioning of Ottoman Empire Following WW1

Sufi Islam and New York Converts:

Saudi Prince: Let Women Drive!

Soviet Union and Russia:

Will Putin Rule as Long as Stalin?

Putin, once critical of Stalin, now embraces Soviet dictator’s tactics

Russian Spies in the US

Speaking Out Can be Deadly!

Russian activist poisoned 2x now

Teens find out their parents are Russian spies (in Canada)

U.S. Blames Russia for Hacking:


Russia Threatens Poland Over Removal of Pro-Soviet Statues:

Women’s Issues:

Women that History Forgot:

Other topics to consider:


Syrian Refugees

Native Americans/pipeline

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