Respond to a colleague with a suggestion of how to address these schisms, both historical situations and current but yet unidentified ones. Does social action need to be separate from social work practice


Colleague:  AnnaVI


Jane Addams and Mary Richmond

Jane Addams was a well-known social worker for her work in social policy Addams founded the Hull House in 1969 (Jansson, 2018). Addams work assisted individuals who suffered from poverty and oppression.

Mary Richmond also contributed to social work through writing books and providing educational information that she provided to charities and related agencies. Richmond’s work provided advocacy in building healthy relationships.

Both are great contributors in social work however have different ideas and interests in serving the community.


The Code of Ethics provided by the NASW sets standards for all social workers to follow and abide by. According to NASW (2008), “the Code of Ethics is intended to serve as a guide to the everyday professional conduct of social workers” (para. 1). Schisms still exists in the world today, but perhaps social workers are working together for the greater good. Social work is split into the micro, mezzo and macro level systems. Each group has a set of responsibilities and advocacy practices that best pertains to their system. The Code of Ethics is great way to ensure that social workers are fulfilling their ethical commitments to clients, especially because the Code of Ethics is universal amongst all social workers.

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