Returns Management

Read the article, Returning Customers: The Hidden Strategic Opportunity of Returns Management,

Rollecke, F., Huchzermeier, A., & Schroder, D. (2018). Returning customers: The hidden strategic opportunity of returns management. California Management Review, vol. 60(2), 176-203.

Develop a P.I.E. Diagram from the reading (see instructions below):



Select a passage that seems to be crucial to the entire section of the text that you have read. Summarize succinctly, precisely, and completely what the main points are that the author is making. Do not provide any commentary.



Quote the text or passage you have selected, including the page number where it is to be found in parenthesis



Provide an explanation of why the points that are being made in this passage are crucial to understanding the central theme of the text. Indicate what that theme is and how it contributes to the project / purpose of the text. Do not discuss what it reminds you of. Stick close to why the passage illustrates a central theme.

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