Richard milhous Nixon administration in regards to media and psychology in foreign policy

Instructions: Choose a major case-study: a superpower, a state or a political entity (terror organization, political movement etc.) – in a specific period of time – and analyze its foreign policy making according to the following instructions. Make sure that your paper doesn’t exceed 15 pages. You should get assisted by at least 15 academic sources of information (books and articles) and by any other material if needed. Be prepared to present the essentials of your paper in class, for 20-25 minutes, during the 2nd semester. In your paper include: A. Background – main characteristics of the entity you chose, including ideology, political orientation a general profile of the relevant leaders / decision makers. B. Description of what you are looking at : main developments and events of your case study in terms of foreign policy, such as: conducting relations with other specific states ; managing specific conflicts ; engaging in wars ; conducting international negotiations ; achieving peace agreements etc. C. Description of the main perceptions that create the psychological context for the relevant leaders in their decision making process on the specific issues. D. Description of the leader’s personality and their style of leadership towards the relevant case-study. E. Analyzes of the main characteristics (other than personality) in the core of the leader’s policy making, to illustrate how they conduct their foreign policy. F. Description of the leader’s propaganda strategy and how the use the media for ‘marketing’ their policy.

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