What is the role of ethics in sales management? – management coursework

Instructions Background: Now that you’ve indicated what question/topic you’ll be addressing, and completed your research and your Annotated Bibliography, it’s time to explain the steps you took in your research. What to Do: Write a memo that describes (to your teacher and the librarians) every step—or misstep—you took in your research process. (Missteps are normal. It’s how you dealt with them that we want to know.) Make sure your memo includes the following elements: How you gathered background information How you narrowed your topic What keywords and search phrases you used How you adjusted or revised your search strategy How you evaluated sources and synthesized information to form your opinion What you have completed and propose for your research and writing timeline (including due dates for the remaining assignments in the unit). Write professionally, clearly, concisely, and with good use of evidence. Include specific details, but don’t go over one page.