Scharadin Hotels Memo Paper-Get Assignment Help

Case #1: Scharadin Hotels

The memo should include (but is not limited to): Scharadin Hotels Memo Paper-Get Assignment Help
• A summary of the issue under investigation
• An explanation of the type of control chart you selected for this case.
• The control chart itself, created in Excel, showing the data collected
• Conclusions based on the chart regarding the source of the problem and the overall level
of quality.
• Recommendations of further actions for improving quality.


Consider the background information and data given in the “Scharadin Hotels” case (page 23
in the 6th edition of the textbook, page 243 in the 5th edition). Assume you are Scott Schultz, the
head of operations, and do the analysis Larraine Scharadin asks him to perform. Then write a
memo addressed to Larraine and the other staff members with your analysis and

Further Instructions

The memo should be 2 – 3 pages long including any displays (graphs, tables, etc.). Students are
encouraged to work on this assignment in teams (no more than three students per team!). The
write-up will be evaluated on both the analysis and the presentation (including spelling and
language) and

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