School Bullying

What kinds of problems do you see or find troubling in your everyday life, hear in the news, or notice around the world? Do you often find yourself wondering what steps are being taken to solve the problems? Well, now’s your chance!



–         Length: 3.5-4 pages (not including title & references page)

–         Standard APA academic format

–         Sources: Minimum of2 sources

–         Citations: 2 paraphrases and 2 quotes (max.). If you want to include more, they should be in the form of paraphrases.

–         Audience: Cascadia College teachers & peers

–         Course grade weight:  15%


The Problem

A problem-solution essay identifies the causes of a problem and then argues in favor of specific solutions. Unlike our previous essays, this essay requires you to develop a topic on your own. You must choose a specific problem, figure out what has led to that problem, and offer realistic, helpful solutions. We’ve already brainstormed the big, general topic choices below, so you need to narrow down and focus the specific problem within your topic choice.

As a reminder – these topics are too general. You need to make them more specific to write a sophisticated essay. Consider the population it affects and who could solve the problem.

Ø  Bullying in school



After you’ve identified a problem, you’ll need to figure out the cause(s) of the problem before presenting specific recommendations for dealing with it.


Your Research


You must use two sources which you find. The sources must be credible and approved by your teachers. In addition, we will have some collaborative days so sources can be shared among similar topics.

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