Scope Management Plan

Write Scope Management Plan based on the below:
Please use a Scope Management Plan Template
This Assignment is designed to evaluate your ability to research, organize, and demonstrate
project data and financial information pertaining to the development of the feasibility study within
the project planning phase. These exercises mimic actual situations one could expect to occur
between the project manager and their sponsor or key stakeholders. Its assessments are directed
toward measuring mastery in synthesis of information, proper classifications, critical thinking, and
attention to detail, explanations, and professional acumen.
Given the information provided you for your assigned rocket assembly project (See Course
Construct a fully decomposed work breakdown structure (WBS) for your assigned rocket
 Write your scope statement for your assigned Ansari X-Prize rocket assembly project.
a) Project scope description that is in more detail from the project
b) Acceptance criteria specifying a set of conditions that must be met
before deliverables are accepted?
c) Project deliverables that correlate to the WBS tasks that is required to
be produced to complete the project’s product?
d) Project exclusion(s) that identify what is specifically excluded from the
project (What constitutes “Out of Scope”)?
e) Is there a description of known constraints identifying factors that limit
the execution of the project or a process within the project in scope, time,
cost, or quality)? f) Is there a description of known assumptions identifying factors in the
planning process that is considered to true, real, or certain, without proof
or demonstration to include those impacts should the assumptions prove
to be false?

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