SEC 435-Computer Science

“Macs and Viruses” Select one of the following and discuss in no less than three paragraphs, and have at least one response to another student of at least one paragraph:

  • A common misconception with Mac OS X      systems is that they are not as susceptible to viruses and malware as PCs      and therefore do not require users to apply additional security measures.      Discuss whether or not you believe this is true. Provide a rationale for      your response.
  • Review current Mac security features      from Apple’s website located at, and      read the article 10 Best Antivirus for the Mac at Select two tools, and research their      features, functionality, provided protections, mitigated risks, costs, and      any other pertinent information. Evaluate the quality of at least two of      the selected Mac security tools, based on their available features,      functionality, provided protections, mitigated risks, costs, and any other      pertinent information discovered in your research. Decide whether or not      you would recommend either of the tools for a Mac user. Justify your      response.
  • Any current topic or article related to      penetration techniques.
  • The instructor insight.
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