security issue surrounding globalization

see attached sheet
1.Analyze a security issue surrounding globalization. Describe the security issue provide at least two probable solutions to this global security problem. Explain how the high degree of interdependence of nations today impacts the security problem you discussed. 200 words

2.”A sense of place” refers to the feelings evoked among people as a result of the experiences and memories they associate with a place and to the symbolism they attach to that place (Knox & Marston, 2015, p. 23). Write about a specific place that matters to you. Describe the place. Discuss the significance of the place to you. Discuss the impact the place has on you. 75 words

3.What are some positive and negative effects of globalization on peripheral countries? Provide at least one specific example to illustrate a negative effect, and provide at least one specific example to demonstrate the positive effect. 75 words

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