Septal Defects

submit a written report following APA formatting and with references listed on the last page. This report must be typed, and well-written to reflect your understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the chosen human body system and what happens in diseased state.

Title of the paper and subheadings ( Introduction, Cause, Systems affected, Signs and Symptoms, Investigations , Treatment options, Preventions , Latest relevant research, and Interesting fact, Conclusion) are required.

Use of limited graphics (no more than 2) is encouraged.

Neatness and quality of content and overall presentation will be evaluated. The report must follow the standards of American English. Students must also cite their sources in the body of text. The report must not be less than two pages and no more than three pages (excluding cover page and list of references) with 12 inch Roman font only, double spaced and one inch standard margin all around. At least two and maximum four credible scientific references must be listed on the last page titled References. There are literally 1000s of disorders and diseases to choose from.

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