Service organization and employees

 Short critical and value essay based on three articles about Service organization and employees, namely, Service Employee Burnout and Engagement: The Moderating Role of Power Distance Orientation, Influences of organizational investments in social capital on service employee commitment and performance and Missing link in the service profit chain: A meta-analytic review of the antecedents, consequences, and moderators of service climate.I will upload them. – 300 words approximately excluding references. – 3 paragraphs – paragraph (1) should cover the importance of the research issue from the student point of view. – paragraph (2) should cover the main findings from the articles. – paragraph (3) should cover gaps for future research. these gaps should be specific to produce future research questions which will improve Service organization and employees Programme learning goals • Be knowledgeable users of relevant theory • Be critical readers of academic literature • Be effective analysts of information • Be effective written communicators Paper learning outcomes 1. Develop an understanding of traditional and contemporary perspectives of customer behaviours in services, role of service providers, and social and technological impact on the service experience. 2. Diagnose insights and an understanding of service literature through analysing current articles.