Small Business Entrepreneurship

Small Business Entrepreneurship

Create a Industry and Market Feasibility Analysis for a Janitorial Service, you should include the following Six foundational macro forces which create change in the industries and the markets they serve. APA formatting is required, along with Times New Roman 12pt Font double space.





Political and legal


While evaluating the six foundational macro trends, entrepreneurs should answer the following questions to help further evaluate the attractiveness of that industry in light of the impact of the macro forces for change:

· How large is the industry?

· How fast is it growing?

· Is the industry as a whole profitable?

· Is the industry characterized by high profit margins or razor-thin margins?

· How essential are its products or services to customers?

· What trends are shaping the industry’s future?

· What threats does the industry face?

· What opportunities does the industry face?

· How crowded is the industry?

· How intense is the level of competition in the industry?

· Is the industry young, mature, or somewhere in between?

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