Smoking, formative and summative assignment

the essay in the subject, contains of 2 parts; 1) poster done in ONE slide of PowerPoint. 2) 3000 words written assignment, focus of the poster and outline their evidence base. Supervision 1 Review of the outline summative assessment poster Supervision 2 A maximum of 1500 words, of the summative assessment report, will be sent to the academic supervisor for review and feedback in 24 hrs from hiring the writer. Summative Assessment: The student will be required to produce an A4 sized poster .The poster will be aimed at a health professional or client audience this will be accompanied by a 3000 word written report that explores evidence based health promotion in nursing practice relating to health promotion / prevention of a health condition . This should include epidemiology of the chosen condition, relevant policy, role of the nurse and a health promotion model or approaches or psychological theory. The poster and the accompanying written report must be submitted separately. The poster will be marked using level 6 poster rubric criteria and the report will be marked against the level 6 theory rubric criteria. references: within 10 years poster should be as the exemplar format and structure I want the poster in 24hrs from the hiring time, the assignment in the next 3 days