Sociology of Families

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As stated in the syllabus (quoted below), please provide a two page document that: 1) Summarizes the main arguments in this week’s readings in a paragraph or two, 2) Discuss what intrigued you about this week’s readings, 3) Explains how the readings help you better understand family inequalities, and 4) Identifies 2-3 things that you believe need to be considered to understand the definitions of families (or in other words what else is part of the equation?)

“You will be required to summarize each of the readings and then discuss any of the following questions: What intrigued you? What did you agree or disagree with? What questions do you still have? How does this article help you better understand the topic at hand? How does this information tie in with other topics we have covered so far in this course? How does this reading enhance your understanding of American families? “

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