Sociology Short Answer Questions

ead chapter 7-10 answer the following questions.

  1. What Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Co-insurance is – how they benefit all involved etc…negatives if any…
  2. What “community rating” and “actuarial risk rating” is
  3. What Medicaid and Medicare are and what their differences are.
  4. Why the pharmaceutical companies have become so profitable in the last twenty or so years
  5. Myths surrounding why the cost of healthcare is rising in the United States. And the two more likely reasons based on research (according to the text)
  6. What an Almshouse is and what a Volunteer hospital is.  Why Volunteer hospitals first started.
  7. In modern hospitals patients are being treated “less like humans and more like number” because of several factors.  What are those factors?
  8. What “commodification” is and how it relates to health care today in America.
  9. What Hospice is.  What Hospice’s early philosophies were.
  10. Accomplishments and barriers in regards to patient safety as discussed in the article “Five years after To Err Is Human: What have we learned?” by Leape, L and Berwick, DM.
  11. The idea about bad systems being more related to error than individual actions.  Ideas surrounding malpractice liability and the inhibition it has on patient safety research.
  12. Differences between med model vs. Soc model in relationship to disability
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