South Africa and the End of Apartheid

South Africa and the End of Apartheid

Assignment Overview

South Africa is still a country divided. To be sure, ending apartheid, being done with overt racial discrimination, is a major step towards reconciliation and unification of the people. But there is a long way to go.

You now know a lot about unification. You’ve discussed it in the context of Germany and Korea, two very different countries facing strikingly similar situations.

Case Assignment

What lessons have you learned in the last two modules that apply to the situation in South Africa? How is it different?

Pick one or two of your most important thoughts about German and Korean unification and apply them to the situation in South Africa. Do this in three to five pages and hand it in by the end of this module.

Upload your papers for grading.

Assignment Expectations

The cases in POL 201 generally call for a detailed analysis of a particular situation. In addressing case questions, such an analysis requires some historical perspective and a balanced and thorough consideration of challenges facing efforts at unification or, at least, the peaceful resolution of disputes between peoples in the nation being studied.

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