Strategic Human Resource Management

Course Text: Mello, Jeffrey A. (2011). Strategic Human Resource Management, 4th ed. Thomson South-Western.

Instructions for assignment are in yellow, there will be several pieces to this work with final part being a 12 part paper. All will be assigned in the following weeks.

The objective of the project is to develop your skills in using the management and human resource management literature to solve a specific human resource organizational problem by integrating what you have learned previously in your human resource management studies and this strategic human resource management course. Armed with these skills you will be able to confront a specific human resource management problem with the backing of researchers, practitioners, and colleagues.

The final research paper on one of the topics we have studied this term relating to SHRM. The perspective of the paper should be strategic in nature (focused on the next 3-5 years) and should integrate at least two subtopics that you have studied earlier that relate to human resource management. For example, you are introducing a talent management process (or system) to your organization which will be implemented over the next 3-5 years.  Your research paper will include not only the pro’s and con’s of talent management, but it will also include peripheral topics relating to organizational talent such as recruitment and selection of candidates and compensation: recruitment and selection of candidates and compensation are topics that you studied in earlier courses.

Module 2: Write a two page description of the research paper describing the main topic that you will research and the two additional subtopics that you plan on including in your research. Include the research question(s) your paper will address: the research question(s) should be formulated based on the problem within the organization because the strategic initiative has not been developed. For example, there is a shortage of leaders in an organization because there is a lack of leadership identification and development within the organization. A talent management process would increase the number of leaders and prepare them for work assignments. This will also impact recruitment and selection as well as compensation. The topic for this question might be: How can talent management process better prepare future organizational leaders? How will recruitment and selection and compensation be impacted to ensure we have the leaders that we need? Prepare a brief description of the organization to which the project would be recommended.

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