Stress Management Assignments Physical Education Coursework

(TWO DIFFERENT ASSIGNMENTS) 1- This Physical Education Coursework is about to identify the stressor in the six dimensions of wellness. Identify the top stressor in your life for each of the six dimensions of wellness. (Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual, Social) For each stressor, do the following three things. 1. State which dimension of wellness is this stressor affecting. 2. Identify the type of stressor (Real / Imagined) and (Eustress / Distress) 3. List how you react to the stressor. (i.e. cry, develop rash, crave sweets, etc.) 4. Develop a plan of action to reduce this stressor from your life 2- The next assignment is about “Stress Management and Spirituality.” Is there a connection between stress management and spirituality? Can one identify their stress, manage it and connect with their own spirituality? Is it important for your health? How will you create a balance in our fast-paced society? Describe and recommend three strategies that help keep that balance. Recommend one website to the class that supports your strategies.