Syrian war

Using the New York Times, research and chose three articles from 2017/2018 that discuss the Syrian War and ongoing refugee migration. Be sure to find at least one article that addresses the plight of women and girls caught in the conflict. Synthesize the information from the three articles into a 2-page paper that summarizes the most important information in a logical sequence. this is not an article report, but a synthesis; so, for example, a paragraph should include information from more than one article. The only sources used should be the three New York Times articles. The summary should answer the following questions:
1. Why is there a war in Syria and when did it begin? What are the complicating factors that make achieving peace quite difficult?
2. How has the war contributed to internal displacement of individuals, as will as larger refugee exodus out of Syria and to Europe? (when possible, use stats to support your discussion)
3. What are the particular experiences of girls and women in this conflict?

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