System management

Read the case study referenced below:

-Analyze the case( I attached Gap Analysis template ) using the course materials presented(e.g. ILO), reference materials, class discussions and your experience ( check attached file) .

– Consider the following questions as guidance only:
1.What are the key issues from both a business and OHSsystem perspective?2.What management systems components are missing?
3.Develop improvements to the company’s OHSsystem and programs.
4.Develop a priority action plan for implementation of your recommended improvements.

– Notes:
1.You will have to make assumptions.  Please state them.  Keep your focus on the management system issues
2.Please IGNORE the Assignment instructions embedded in the case on page 9

– After filling up the template, You are required to submit a report summarizing your analysis of this case (4 pages). Records your comments as to what currently exists in the case in the 3rd column and in the 4th column record your recommendation or what needs to be done to “close the gap”

-Times Roman 12 font, double spaced or equivalent

I attached a Sample for Gap analysis so you can get an idea how to start. I Also attached the course outline topic covered in class pay close attention to the highlighted topics

Following links are helpful for you to analyze the case and feel free to do your own research

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